Thank you for checking out CCLM’s website.  We’re blessed that you’re here!

Our goal is to glorify God in all that we do, and one of the ways we do that is to reach out in love and hospitality.  So, whether you visit in virtually or in person, we hope that you feel welcome and at home.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Get involved

We believe that God calls all of us to live in community and serve together.

Generally, we like people to get comfortable with CCLM by attending for six months before serving in most ministries. There are several ways to get involved right away, though. The cleaning ministry is a great way to serve right away. There are also many opportunities to volunteer at various events that you may be attending or at specific service events. After you have settled in, the children’s ministry is a great place to start – there is always opportunities to serve as teachers and helpers.

Most of all, we pray that you will avail yourself of the many of opportunities for Bible Studies and other classes, home fellowships, and potlucks to truly become one of the family!

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  Bienvenido a CCLM

¿Habla español?

Calvary Chapel ofrece variedad de ministerios y oportunidades para los que hablan español. Todos los servicios semanales (Miércoles y Domingo por la mañana y en la tarde) son traducidos en vivo, por medio de audífonos. Para aprovechar este servicio, por favor pregunte en la mesa de traducción al entrar al vestíbulo. Adicionalmente, tenemos un estudio bíblico/compañerismo que se reúne en la iglesia los Jueves a las 7pm.

Gracias por su interés y esperamos verle en la iglesia!